The Nansen Project

Ethical Supply Chain

Why the need for an ethical supply chain?

Globally, consumers and organisations are increasingly conscious about their purchasing decisions and the degree to which this impacts the environment, labour market, working conditions and health of the communities who grow, make, manufacture or produce their products.

Companies can ill afford to be blindfolded to the origins of their products and services, including their upstream routes. According to a 2019 Harvard Business Review, the failure of companies to meet the demands and expectations of their stakeholders for transparency can come at a high reputational cost.

For Gen Z, it appears transparency, ethical sourcing of materials and care for the communities and environments in which their products are sourced is critical to purchasing decisions. Mckinsey & Company conducted an online survey of 2321 men and women in October 2017, and discovered that seventy percent of Z Gen respondents said they try to purchase products from companies they consider ethical. We believe this trend is growing exponentially as consumers become more aware about the impacts their decisions have on driving change. Consumers can drive the uptake of fair trade! 

In a transparent world, younger consumers don’t distinguish between the ethics of a brand, the company that owns it, and its network of partners and suppliers. A company’s actions must match its ideals, and those ideals must permeate the entire stakeholder system.”

Nansen works closely with companies to develop bespoke ethical supply chain solutions that align with the values and goals of our clients who are pursuing the development or expansion of ethical and sustainable operations. Whether your day one into your ethical and sustainable journey or a sophisticated large corporation with a mature ethical and sustainable program, we can deliver the technology and tools required to go deeper into your supply chains and gather critical data that will inform business decisions. We can even customise intelligent interventions which deliver timely alerts and can automate a range of actions to deal with problems arising in the supply chain in real time. This reduces costly delays, improves reliability of delivery and enhances consumer confidence.

Nansen provides our clients with agility, reliability, cost efficiencies and transparency of the supply chain.

Organisations benefit from their ability to:

Empower customers to make an informed choice about ethically sourced products before or at the point of sale.

Cost efficiencies make us a highly competitive solution. Our business model works to ensure organisations who wish to make the shift can afford to do so. We are focused positive impacts and improving peoples lives in as many communities we can touch.

Fraud Protection through our ability to track, detect and action interventions through performance monitoring, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence that identifies anomalies and triggers intervention or remediation activities.

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