the Nansen Project

Our Capabilities

Identity and Asset protection

Proving who you are
What you own and
Where you came from.

Evidence storage and transmission

and Transmit
evidence securely and safely from anywhere to anyone, anytime.

Market Adoption

Our tailored approach and deployment of multiple methods enables us to service each region to ensure effective communications and rapid market adoption.

Partnering with NGOs who operate in the environments we deploy to

Targeted missions with aligned organisations to assist in troubled areas

Partnering with mature organisations to leverage an established user base

Social media campaigns and partnerships provide exposure through large events

Our advantage

Project Nansen is designed to support organisations and people record and protect what is most important to them.

What differentiates Project Nansen?

  • It is a complete unified platform that is adaptable to multiple use cases
  • It is the first identity and evidence management platform that we know of globally that leverages blockchain and smart contract technologies
  • It is the only whole of life management platform creating a single, verified source of information
  • An accessible and seamless user experience
  • Using cross-industry expertise to support groups without access to the technology
  • Our partner ecosystem which encompasses NGOs, government and private organisations