The Nansen


Evidence collection transmission

The Nansen Platform and Interface

We understand that access to the Internet may be poor or sporadic and the possession of modern mobile phones unlikely in some of the regions we seek to support, so all our applications are designed to be used on legacy equipment (older mobile phones and computers).

Our user interface is customised for the use and the culture into which it is deployed. We employ a simple four-step process to the Nansen platform: upload, verification, storage, and use. The key to this system is the control extended to the user, the user is always in control of what they share and to whom.

Persons who obtain evidence of conditions or crimes can use Nansen to get information to where they need it to go, without having to risk carrying documentation, USB’s or other physical items that put them at risk on their journeys and in particular at border crossings.

Once the evidence is managed by the blockchain, it can be securely sent to a lawyer, investigator, journalist, organisation or embassy of choice.

How it Works

The Nansen platform is built on blockchain technology and employs smart contracts, secure Azure storage and high level encryption to provide a globally accessible platform for secure document storage and distribution.

The Nansen Platform and it’s mobile application allows the user to capture documents, audio, video or other preferred medium where it is uploaded and securely managed by the blockchain where it cannot be altered. Once on the blockchain the user can select who they share their information with and for what period.

The Nansen platform takes care of the storage, transport, encryption and chain of custody of records so no evidence is stored on a device, thereby reducing the risk to the user and of the evidence from contamination or loss.

Market Adoption

Our tailored approach and deployment of multiple methods enables us to service each region to ensure effective communications and rapid market adoption

Partnering with NGOs who operate in the environments we deploy to

Targeted missions with aligned organisations to assist in troubled areas

Partnering with mature organisations to leverage an established user base

Social media campaigns and partnerships provide exposure through large events



Partners whose objectives we support and ethics we value


who support their citizens by protecting their identity, achievements and assets


Complementary technologies whose vision and objectives align with us