the nansen project

Blockchain, Innovation and Emerging Technology Education

Bringing the benefits of Blockchain, Cloud and AI to the Enterprise


Nansen develops and leverages emerging technologies to tackle some of the worlds most challenging and persistent problems to improve peoples lives. Our focus is on people and we are passionate about improving the safety, wellbeing and health of communities globally.

Nansen is also committed to educating our current and future leaders, our decision makers and legal professionals. We strive to provide the knowledge, skills and confidence required to lead organisations and provide informed legal representation in cases impacted by them.

Our courses in Blockchain, Smart Contracts, the Cloud and more, are a part of our emerging technology series tailored exclusively for non IT professionals.


Explaining modern technology in plain language


Records and evidence in storage and transmission


A business centric approach to technology

Our Capabilities

Executive and Legal Education


Empower and Inform

Emerging Technology Courses designed for non IT professionals.

Blockchain Evidence Management


Store and Transmit

Send evidence securely and safely from anywhere to anyone, anytime.

Ethical Supply Chain


Sustainable and Transparent

Empowering businesses and consumers, and supporting communities, all within a counter fraud environment.

The Nansen Blockchain

Building on the inherent incorruptibility of blockchain technology and with innovation at is core, the Nansen platform overcomes the limitations of traditional blockchain designs.

Nansen has solved the problems of slow transaction times and the significant costs and management of large data sets,  all without any compromise to security.

The Nansen project applies Nansen's technology to enable anonymous, secure and the incorruptible transfer and storage of documents, photos, videos and more from anywhere around the world.

Blockchain, Cloud and AI

Evidence collection, management and transfer
Legacy protection
Secure communications
Ethical chain of supply

Executive and Legal Education

Cloud computing, security and transformation
Blockchain and smart contract technology
Dark web for the legal profession


Nansen operates to innovate, develop and leverage emerging technologies to solve some of the worlds most difficult and persistent challenges.

Our expertise in Blockchain, Cloud and AI solutions led us to develop a range of bespoke training courses for Executives and Legal Professionals.

Our aim is to educate, enhance and transform businesses and ensure informed legal representation is delivered to those impacted by them.