The Nansen Project

About Us

Nansen Pty Ltd (Nansen) is a company established in 2019 by a small group of technology leaders who were determined to leverage emerging technologies to improve peoples’ lives. Our think big, contemporary attitude ensures we look beyond traditional models to generate creative, sustainable and effective solutions that solve both existing and emerging global problems.

Nansen operates to innovate, develop and leverage technologies to aid in the preservation of fundamental human rights by providing individuals with the ability to protect, preserve and verify their identity, records, achievements and assets in response to conflict, natural disaster, climate change and other forms of displacement and disruption.

For organisations, Nansen provides evidence storage and transmission, enabling investigators, lawyers, journalists, health practitioners and victims of atrocities and other crimes to store and transmit evidence to a trusted authority, securely and safely, whilst automating chain of custody, version control and auditing.

Our ethical chain of supply solution empowers organisations to gather deep insights into their existing supply chains, gather valuable data about what matters to their customers and drives ethical and sustainable business practices.

Built on highly secure blockchain infrastructure and leveraging smart contract technology, Nansen provides a level of security, preservation and individual control that cannot be achieved using traditional approaches.

Our technology supports individuals and organisations who:

  • Gather or possess evidence of conditions or crimes to preserve and transmit evidence to a trusted person, organisation or entity of choice,
  • Are fleeing their country and home,
  • Are stateless,
  • Are at risk of human trafficking, who have lost or had their identifying documents stolen,
  • Are preparing in case of a natural disaster, and
  • Want to protect and preserve their critical records and assets.


For executives and legal professionals, we deliver a range of bespoke  training courses to bridge the knowledge gap, and provide the knowledge and confidence required to thrive in modern and future work environments. All our courses are developed and delivered by specialists in their fields.