The Nansen Project

Identity and Asset protection

Proving who your are, What you own and Where you came from

Did you know...

million displaced persons
million refugees, half of whom are under 18
million stateless persons

Stats from CBS, 2018 and UN, 2019.


The loss of an individual’s identity and assets is one of the greatest issues facing the preservation of human rights within this digital era.

This loss can be caused by a range of contemporary global issues including systems of corruption, conflict, poor data management, climate change and related natural disasters.

Too often these events leave people without the records and documentation required to substantiate their identity, homeland, and assets.

Currently there is no independent method of recourse which empowers people to reclaim who they are, where they are from and what they own.


Human Trafficking

Natural Disasters

Protected Records - for life


Representing life and identity through verified birth documentation and vaccination records


Upholding peoples’ relationships and the arrangements they have between them


Safeguarding knowledge and skills by preserving a person’s certificates and qualifications


Protecting life's work and the things gained, in all the forms they take


Ensuring a person’s wishes are upheld at the end of their life

Our Process

The platform leverages blockchain to create an immutable record, representing a person’s life. The records are verified through smart contracts which use multiple forms of consensus to create a validated record. It is not necessary to be in possession of all your documentation, we protect what you have in any detail or form.