The Nansen Project

Natural Disaster use cases

The impacts of climate change and natural disasters in all its forms; earthquakes, fire, flood, drought, cyclones and more often devastate communities and cause great hardship to those impacted by them. In many countries, the management of birth records, assets, health records and other critical documentation is unsophisticated or otherwise susceptible to destruction and loss due to poor data management. Individuals may lose or find the records they hold (hard copies or the computers or phones they use to store them) destroyed as a consequence of a critical weather event. Left without the documentation required to prove who you are, what you own, what health conditions you manage, and much more can severely impact on the timing and success of rebuilding and recovering for both individuals and their communities.

The Nansen platform provides an opportunity for individuals to record and maintain notarised copies of all critical documentation which can be uploaded, stored, protected and transmitted providing confidence and piece of mind that these records are available in one single and secure place when required.

Individuals can build a profile of who they are (birth records), what they have achieved (qualifications, education), what they own (assets and insurance records), what they manage (health records) and anything else they choose to protect, there are no limitations. Ideally the documentation will be notarised, and may be preserved in the form of scanned documents, photographs, video recordings or other forms. The Nansen platform accepts all file formats.

In preparation consider if you have:

  • Identity

Copy of a birth certificate, passport, drivers’ or other licence, Identity card, anything official that has you photograph or something that demontrates who you are? Photographs of your home, of your family and community.

  • Health

What do you know about your health? Copy of vaccination records, a health file, name of a hospital or clinic that may hold your records or medical information, do you know where you were born? Was your birth formally recorded?

  • Financial information

Do you have a bank account or any financial records?

  • Qualifications, certificates, education records

Do you have any formal certifications?

  • Asset records or photographs of anything you have.

Do you have a copy of any contracts, valuation or insurance certificates for assets and precious items you own?

The Nansen platform provides security and access anywhere, anytime with the owner or user of the platform in complete control over what, to whom and how much they share.